Thermal backup for GHEA freezers with NSF™ Certified savENRG™ -10F Freezer-Packs


At Cold Stone Creameries nationwide, GHEA-12R Gelato Display Cases are equipped with two parallel redundant 6000 BTU compressors operating at -20°F to maintain ice cream at 0°F . Often in summer, due to increased cooling load, one of the compressor units will seize and fail. This presents multiple issues to the retailer:

  1. The display case is not able to maintain the ice cream at 0°F with only one operating compressor
  2. The risk of second compressor failure is much higher due to excessive operating loads on the remaining compressor
  3. The cost of purchasing and installing a new compressor overnight is very expensive
  4. Moving ice cream to a storage freezer and continuing retail from the storage freezer is cumbersome,  inconvenient and results in unsatisfied customers


In August 2015, when the problem was first presented to RGEES, LLC by a local Cold Stone Creamery franchise owner in Asheville, NC, engineers at RGEES, LLC proposed utilizing savENRG™ NSF™ -10F Freezer-Packs to provide a total hold-over 6650 BTU capacity. The units were first charged to solid state. They were kept for 24 hrs inside the  -20°F flash  freezer. Fully charged, they were placed horizontally in the space below the pans as seen in the photo.



The GHEA-12R display case was able to maintain gelato close to +0°F with only a single compressor in operation. Further, with both compressors online and the savENRG™ -10F Freezer-Packs under the gelato pans, the thermostat setting to switch the compressor “ON” was changed to +5°F. This was done to maintain a soft pull to the ice cream in the display. The compressors cycled less frequently and operated at a lower load. This resulted in significantly lower noise in the store and reduced chances of mechanical failure.

Testimonials: “They work amazing and are much better than buying dry ice all the time!” - Josh Christensen, Cold Stone Creamery & Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Logan, Utah

Benefits for the franchise owner:

  • Economical & safe immediate thermal backup to maintain the load at required temperature
  • Serious reduction in repair and maintenance costs
  • Significant energy savings
  • No lost opportunities for sales
  • Eliminates the need for Dry Ice, along with the associated hazards and risks Dry Ice poses
  • Reusability factor: Freezer-Packs are reusable for thousands of cycles not only directly in Creamery but also in catering
  • NSF Certified - THE Standard in Commercial Food Safety Applications