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SavENRG™ Freezer-Packs product range features PCM based, eutectic cold plates designed to meet the majority of thermal control needs for shipping and storage of perishables.

All products featured are highly efficient,  tested to operate precisely for thousands of cycles, have the capacity to store large amounts of thermal energy for longer “hold-over” and come with minimal cost implementation.

Energy savings are achieved by a quick charge overnight when energy costs are minimal, and the plates are operating “off grid” during the heat of the day, saving expensive electricity and helping to reduce the carbon footprint.
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Our products are NSF/ANSI Standard 2 - Food Equipment for Splash Zone CERTIFIED and manufactured in Arden, NC by trained North Carolinians who stand proudly behind our products.

Built for durability - built to last - and built to work harder for your business while providing precise temperature control and saving you finances… these are the daily goals we achieve at RGEES LLC.  

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